Hello Cameron here,

We have been a little quiet with our blog posting recently as we have been into the field twice since September last year, to conduct excavations at the sites of Lohari Ragho I (September-October 2017) and Masudpur I (January-February 2018), and associated survey work.

We are currently in the process of preparing preliminary reports on this fieldwork, and will be updating our blog page with some new posts shortly.


In the mean time, I would like to draw your attention to a fieldwork diary blog written by Joanna that gives her impresssions of her first archaeological fieldseason in India, and gives an introduction to her geoarchaeological work first mentioned to her previous blog post.




CameronAlso, I was recently asked to comment on the first episode of the new BBC Two  series Civilisations, which considered “what makes us human” and also what we mean by “civilisation”. Although the episode didn’t make direct reference to the Indus Civilisation, it did discuss the potential impact of climate change, and as we have highlighted in previous blog posts, the consideration of climate change and the impact that it had upon people adapted to living in complex and changing environments lies at the heart of the questions being investigated by the TwoRains project. My blog post discussed the things that “make” and “break” civilisations, and at least tried to make it clear that it is imperative that we keep asking why failure occurs.

We hope that you enjoy them both